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Here's the scoop...


As of  8/22/04  Category V  is under a complete redirection in music as well as in their lineup.Their two new guitarists recently added are seasoned veterans in the music scene both sporting a long list of accomplishments and a wide spectrum of musical ability including style range and creativity.
John Seldon ~ Rhythm Guitars and Vocals is a Seattle native who at one time was offered a spot in then not famous yet Alice and Chains. His ability to enter the band was not an issue but due to a conflict of interest as John puts it he was not able to commit to a full time posistion in the band. John has worked in numerous other projects and is a seasoned Guitarists, Singer and a Composer with a fresh disciplined approched to his music.
Chuck Webber ~ Lead Guitar and Vocals is a Virginia resident and has been for 20+ yrs. He has worked with a long list of bands and musicians in the local area since the age of 17. He is one of the original members of the "Virginia Fire Band" which Chuck played drums for in the early 80's starting the band in his garage. Later he became a member of the band "Destiny" playing guitar by then with drummer Scott Travis current Judas Priest member.
Later Chuck played in various Sothern rock and Progressive Bands including: "Even Odds" ~ "Chances" ~ " Chaos" ~ " Dune Street Band" ~ "Blind Fury"
and a few others too many to list. Chuck is also a seasoned musician with ability to play Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Drums and Guitars.He is also an accomplished songwriter and composer as well as a recording and sound tech.

Danny Shaver ~ The founding member of the band and their Drummer is an Exceptional Musician, Singer and Songwriter in his own right. Danny is a Virginia native as well and created Category V. He has been playing drums for some 10+ yrs and has already lead a few lineup of muscians within the band. Danny's leadership and take charge attitude is the motivating factor behind Category V.
His dedication to this project is unsurrpassed only by his committment to his goal of creating quality sustainig music that will stand the test of time. Hurricane You Say! Category V  Hurricane yep thats Danny give em all you got Devistation is the word to describe his approach to this band feed the fans with the best music possible and leave em wanting more. " Taking The World by Storm"




I hear that the band is currently working on a new CD? Humm I wonder if thats true? 

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!